Come visit us and take some wonderful fresh kiffles home with you.

Please come and visit!

Aunt Wendy's Kiffles is owned and operated by Wendy Stehly and has been making wonderful kiffles for 15 years with the same recipe that has been in our family for three generations. We roll our kiffles by hand, fresh daily, with love and laughter! We are dedicated to bringing you all the deliciousness that we grew up enjoying during the holidays. Best of all, you can enjoy this wonderful pastry all year round. We serve our favorite four traditional flavors (lekvar, raspberry, apricot, and walnut) daily. And, we now also feature two gourmet flavors each month. Please visit Monday thru Friday and watch the kiffle making process first hand!

Kiffles are an Eastern European pastry of dough rolled paper thin by hand and filled with assorted fillings. A properly made kiffle is an incredibly light, flakey and buttery endulgence—a cross between cookie and a pastry. Its origin has been traced back to the Austro-Hungarian empire.  It was brought to the Lehigh Valley by eastern-European and Slavic immigrants around the turn of the twentieth century.