There are many ways that you can get our kiffles

  • Come visit us, we always have fresh kiffles on hand.
  • Standard flavors: raspberry, apricot, walnut & lekvar
  • Call ahead and order trays or boxes of kiffles for the holidays or special events (please give us at least a 24 hour notice). We can put together assortments in any quantity, no order is too small! Trays can be decorated to fit any occasion for a small additional charge.
  • Perfect for weddings, graduations, parties, and anniversaries.
  • Packs of a dozen– $7.50
  • Trays of 50 kiffles– $33.00 / Trays of 100– $66.00
  • Pick up our delicious kiffles at any of your local Wegmans in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • We are a wholesaler…we welcome grocers, businesses and fundraisers.